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Influence of technology in students academic life

Improvement in the field of technology is one of the best reason for the all the changes what we see in this day. We can say that everything improved with the impact of changes in technologies. Our life style, educational system, living style, culture etc changed compare to previous years. We can see the drastic changes that happened within the short period of time. Now all the people use the qualities of technologies to improve and simplify their life. But like the two sides of coins, technologies also have positive and negative qualities. Technologies have greatly affected on education throughout the years, which has helped in our nation's advance as well. Students can depend on technologies to give them whatever they require in only a single snap, likewise it is an easy for instructors to express their knowledge and furthermore gather more knowledge using technologies. Today we need to acquire more knowledge beyond book. We know that internet is the large collection of the data and students can make use of these data for the better achievements. We will get more updated content from internet rather than getting from a single not updated book. So that internet has enlarged their frame of reference to get valuable and most recent data. Students can utilize the facility to video conference or voice and text communication with different students of same subjects to share information or concentrate material required by them. Along these lines they can simply add on as far as anyone is concerned about the subjects they are considering. Together they may wind up making or creating something new which could profit the general public.

We know that technologies have made changes in every field. Education field is one of the important fields that changed a lot due to the arrival of new technologies. With the use of computers and projectors in educational system, it has turned out to be easy for educator to express the knowledge to students for their better future. So students can easily acquire knowledge through this process. The use of technologies has made the way toward educating and learning all the more interesting and attractive. But we know that everything has positive and negative impact. Likewise technologies have both positive and negative sides. It is important to know about both positive and negative impact of the technologies on student’s academic life. Some positive sides of technologies in student’s life:

The beginning of smart classes
Along with the improvement of technologies, we can see the drastic changes in educational field. Smart classes are one of the most important examples of the improvement in technologies. Smart classes come under e-learning program where educator expresses their lecture in more interesting and attractive way. It will help students to catch the knowledge more easily and quickly. So it consider as an effective way of learning for school students.

Technology has given assets for seeking and adapting new things
Because of the advancement in technologies, students feel that, education has become an interesting process. They never feel difficult to involve in educational process. We know that internet is the large collection of data and information, so students get any kinds of information from internet without any difficulty. No need to spend more time for data collecting process with the availabilities of internet.

Students can save time
Technology has extremely helped students spare their valuable time. We know that, we can’t think about the world without any technologies. With the availabilities of different technologies, we can simplify our task. In educational field, involvement of technologies changes overall appearance. We know that many are using printer for printing their assignments or other papers. If it is not there, students need to write whole content with their effort. It takes lots of time and effort. So with the help of these kinds of technologies, students can spare their time for other activities.

Technology giving another time of the advanced world
We are not like to go back to olden days. Every one wishes to acquire more and more new technologies in their life. We know that in years back, chalk and blackboard are important element in educational period. But today we can’t see those blackboard and chalk with the advancement in technologies. Like positive sides, technologies also have negative impact on student’s life.

Technologies divert students from studies
There are gadgets like Smartphone, tablets, computers, TV and so forth that diverts students from their studies. Today most of the students are addicted to Smartphone and tablet and they spend their valuable time with those things. It will effect to their studies badly. Over usage of such things lose interest in studies.

Detaches kids from society
This is a reality and happens ordinarily. In any case, guardians can control it by keeping a check over their children. Presently most guardians are doubtful of technologies and think of it as a sort of hatred for the students who quit speaking with their relatives or socially associated relations.
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